Another great day to all of you rock-solid lead generators and businesspeople! It’s a privilege to be able to continue sharing thoughts, ideas, and inspiration with this audience throughout the week and I hope that YOU are as committed as ever to pushing yourself toward great things today!

Have you ever had the opportunity to look through a microscope or telescope? Whether or not you have, I’m guessing you HAVE played around on Google Earth, Bing Maps, or some other mapping application that allows you to zoom in and out on a specific area of the earth. It’s pretty amazing what we can see now from those satellites above us … at one moment you can be looking at an entire nation and with a flick of the slider you can be reading the make and model of car parked in someone’s driveway.

The same principle can and SHOULD be applied in our business. There are times throughout the day or week when we need to zoom right in on what is ‘here and now’ … what needs to be dealt with ~today~, in the moment. We need to assess what is working with our schedule, follow up on hot leads, and put probably put out a few fires. Then there should be planned times when we zoom OUT and take a look at the bigger picture of where are we headed … reconnecting with what our ultimate destination, goal, or target is.

As a committed businessperson, it is so important that we study our business both ways—tweaking our plans for how to maximize today AND regularly picking our head up and taking a detailed look at where we should be 90-180 days from now. In any given conversation that I might have with an agent we might look in-depth at their strategy for a listing presentation that they have the next day and then spend 10 minutes laying out a game plan for a huge client appreciation event that they’re doing in 6 months. Short term focus/long term vision … these are two concepts that will always be a part of moving forward!

Here’s to your success with both of these concepts in the coming days and weeks. Let’s get out there and make today count!