A powerful morning to all of you enthusiastic prospectors, motivated businesspeople, and to all of you ONiT System members! With the spring market in full swing this is YOUR time to push ahead and set up the rest of your year with authority! Don’t let a single day pass you by.

How about today we think about these two words:

Talk: To speak in order to give information or communicate by spoken words

Engage: To occupy, attract, or draw someone’s interest or attention

Which one are you focusing on when you are reaching out to people on the phone, at the door, or in a networking situation? If you’re simply ‘talking’, your voice can easily get lost in the hundreds of other conversations that a person has in any given day. What are you doing to ‘engage’ the person in participating with you? What could happen to your production this year if you practiced more of the following:

-Asking direct, open-ended questions as opposed to bombarding with statements, facts, and opinions?

-Actively listening to find out information that can help you to help them as opposed to simply waiting for them to finish their ‘lines’ so that you can get YOUR next ‘line’?

-Working to develop a genuine, enthusiastic, and compelling tone to your voice as opposed to your default level of speaking?

All of these are things that professional communicators learn, work on, practice, and then apply in their day to day career to ENGAGE their audiences … isn’t one of YOUR job requirements to be a professional communicator? Our success, level of production, and ultimately our incomes are in direct proportion with our ability to communicate and engage at a higher level. We don’t just get paid to be good ‘talkers’. Why do some comedians, singers, actors, or musicians do better than others? More talent? Sure–definitely a factor … But I know a lot of talented performers who still have to maintain a ‘day job’. How many ‘talented’ salespeople do you know who should probably do the same thing?

Learn your craft, hone your skills, and focus on how you can engage everyone that you speak with. Today is the perfect day to start–let’s get out there and make it count!!