A fantastic day to all of you committed lead generators, dedicated businesspeople, and ONiT System members! As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, there really is no better day than TODAY to come in with a positive, enthusiastic attitude, decide to work hard, and do what you do best–which is to get in front of qualified sellers and buyers.

One of the ideas that came up with a few different clients this week was the fact that when you are talking to people you will get one of three types of responses: objections, conditions, and comments. There may be more that we can come up with if we try really hard, but let’s think about these three for the moment.

A condition is something that you’re not going to change: ‘We aren’t selling until next year because that’s when our daughter graduates’; ‘We are no longer selling because the job transfer fell through’; ‘We’ve already signed the contract with another agent’, etc. There are some situations you’re going to find where you are just not going to get the appointment—at least not right now!

A comment is something that a seller or buyer says but it doesn’t require that you deal with it or try to ‘overcome it’. ‘If you bring me a buyer I’ll pay you 2.5%’; ‘All of you agents are saying the same thing/asking me the same questions’; ‘You’re the 15th agent who’s called me today’, etc. A comment just needs to be acknowledged and validated and then you move on to the next question you want to ask. It doesn’t become an objection until you ask for something and they say no.

So an objection would be the classics: ‘Would you sign the contract? No, we need to think it over until tomorrow’; ‘I can meet you at 4 or 5, which is best for you? Neither–I’m going to list with my friend’; ‘Are you ready to list your home today at $200k? No, we want $1 million!’

Don’t get hung up fighting battles that you don’t need to be fighting. If you’re faced with a condition or a comment, just move on or move forward. Learning to distinguish what you’re hearing back from people and knowing what to do with it is a HUGE part of your success in selling. This is just part of what you’ll learn when you become a REAL Training member. If you’re already in ONiT, simply upgrade your membership or message me today to find out details and get involved.

This is it … it’s time to get to work. It’s time to go make today count!