Good morning, super-lead generators, dedicated businesspeople, and all of you ONiT System members! As I’m guessing you already know, today is by far one of the strongest days of the week to find motivated leads, qualified appointments, and people to add to your database … your part is just to get in the game!

Last time we looked at the words ‘engage’ and ‘talk’ and we decided that it is much more important that we learn how to engage people by asking better questions, speaking less and actively listening more, and using all of our communication skills to draw them into the conversation.

How about these two words:

-Motivation: A force or influence that causes someone to do something

-Urgency: A level of importance requiring swift action

Notice anything significantly different between these words? One of the biggest problems with our lead generation is that we confuse these two concepts. There are many people who are ‘motivated’ to sell and move … yet most of them don’t need to do it ‘swiftly’.

If you took a random sample of 100 people from your marketplace and asked them if they are planning on moving, you might have 15-20 people who have a reason why they would like to do that—but how many are ready to list today or even this week? The point is THOSE are the ones we want! So if you’re only talking to 30 people a week, what are the chances that you’ll find the ‘urgent’ ones anytime this year?

Let’s be sure:

–That our intention is to find the ones who HAVE TO sell right away

–That our belief system is strong enough to accept the fact that they ARE out there

–That our tonality reflects this belief, and

–That the questions we’re asking are direct and specific enough to separate the urgent from the motivated

The good news is, there is a published list of people who are ALL going to move at some point: we call it the White Pages or Cross Reference Directory. The hard part is doing the work to contact as many as you can and identify the ones you can get paid on right away. I KNOW you’re capable, and I know you want the rewards of doing that. So let’s be crystal clear on what we have to do to make it a reality.

Go ahead … get out there and make today count!