Another amazing day to all of you devoted salespeople and businesspeople! I hope that your passion for the business of real estate continues to grow … that your commitment to the goals that you have for yourself and your family continue to move you … and that your willingness to do the things that you don’t necessarily LIKE to do never fades away.

In talking to several clients this week I am always impressed when I see the ‘extra effort’ that so many of you are willing to make to get the results that you’re looking for. Earl Nightingale once said that we should, ‘say anything, do anything, try anything to get a better result’. I know for SURE that each and every one of you can achieve the level that you want to get to … and the first step in having this become a reality for you is that YOU must also believe that it is true. Remember, if think (believe) that you can or think (believe) that you can’t … either way you’ll be right.

Belief by itself isn’t enough … there MUST be effective action based on your belief for there to be a positive result. When you combine belief and action you have what is called ‘faith’, because true faith requires that you DO something!

“When a person goes into a slump (a period when there is little to no effective action), it simply means that they have reached a point where the things that they don’t like to do have become more important than their reasons for doing them.”

Now, I want you to stop and think about what I just wrote. This quote is from ‘The Common Denominator Of Success’, written in 1940 by Albert Gray and if you don’t think it still applies 75 years later you’re nuts! There are a lot of people who ‘believe’ they will hit their goals, but their day to day activities beg to differ. The problem is they’re so focused on the things they don’t like to/don’t want to do that they’ve lost sight of their purpose. How many times so far this year have you NOT done what you knew you were supposed to because you didn’t want to … you didn’t feel like it … you outright didn’t LIKE it? Hey, that’s totally fine—as long as you’re okay with not hitting your goals!

My encouragement to all of my clients today … and also to those of you who I don’t yet have the privilege of coaching … is make time this week to look beyond the process and focus on where you say you want to be in 90 days, 6 months, or 1 year. Decide right now that your goals and dreams are more important than the ‘things’ you’ll have to do to achieve them. Your future is waiting for you to get there, but only YOU and what you choose to do can determine what it is going to look like.

Make today COUNT!