Good morning to all of you great salespeople and focused businesspeople! Another day stands before us … and you have an opportunity to give it your all and push through to the end. Are you ready for the day … are you prepared for an incredible week or month ahead … are you dialed-in to exactly what has to happen in the remainder of the year to help you cross the finish line a winner?

Here are a couple of things I might suggest that you going forward:

  • Exactly which days you are GOING to work and which days you’re going to take off in the next 30 days
  • What your prospecting goals are for this week– total hours, total contacts, appointments set, actual presentations made, and listings taken
  • Which system you are going to work on improving over the next month
  • Who your key leads are for future listings–people that may not do anything today, but that you have to follow up on and get appointments set for 1-2 weeks from now
  • The days and times that you’ve already set aside to evaluate and possibly refine your Business Plan and goals for the year
  • One or two ‘carrot’ goals that you will use to keep yourself committed to following through; these are things that you’ll reward yourself with once you have ~completed~ this month’s goals the way you’re SAYING you’re going to complete them now!

Think about it … what does every athlete who is in a race do once the finish line is in sight? They sprint. They go all out. They tap into that store of energy and adrenaline that they’ve been holding in reserve for this moment (if they’ve been smart at managing their race). We can adopt this same attitude every day and every week. This is that time for you … it is NOT the time to allow distractions, challenges, or the lack of focus of those around you to cause you to stumble.

Start strong today–hit a variety of lead generation sources that you have available in your marketplace, get on the phone with your best leads and close for appointments, practice your handlers for all of the objections you’re hearing, and make this the BEST day that you’ve HAD so far this year in your business.

You could say you just need to make today count!