So here’s the deal, when you choose to get involved in coaching with me there’s going to be three things that we will immediately focus on together.


We’re going to focus on your mindset and your thinking because the bottom line is ninety percent of your success in real estate involves your thinking and your mindset.


We’re going to look at your skill sets. In other words how good are you as a sales person? Do you know how to get the job done?
Do you know what to say?


We’re going to focus on the consistency of your habits and keeping you accountable to actually doing what you say you’re supposed to do based on your plan.


We’re also going to look at three things involving your business.

Number one: We’re going to look at the marketing systems that you have, which includes anything and everything that you do to actually identify the people in your market place who want to sell or buy a home in the near future.

Number two: We’re going to look at your systems. How do you manage your listings? How do you manage your past customers? How do you manage your leads? How do you keep everything working the way that it needs to in your business?

Number three: We’re going to look at the staffing requirements that you may or may not have at this point because if you are not involved in hiring an assistant at certain points to leverage out the time, you ARE an assistant, and that’s not your goal!