A great morning to all of you amazing ONiT System members! As I’m sure you know, today is one of the BEST days of the week for staying focused on your goals, taking massive action, and setting lots of qualified appointments! I am trusting that you are committed to making that happen in your business today and, as always, my goal is to be a part of that and help in any way that I can.

I wanted to start today’s post with a thought: our purpose needs to define and determine our approach. Sounds good, James—what does that mean for me? Good question … I’m glad you asked.   Let me explain it more by asking ~you~, what chance do you have of seeing the sunset if you are running East?

Once you know for sure where you are trying to go or accomplish you can make much better decisions on how you’re going to get there … and on the other hand, if you don’t care where you end up, any road will do. Where do YOU and your business need to be at the end of this month … how about the end of this year? What if we looked at this from another point of view and said, where do you want the calls that you are going to make today to end? Do you want more appointments and strong leads? Is it possible that you’re asking the wrong questions or taking the wrong approach to get there?

Here’s a really simple example: are you actually ASKING for the appointments and are the questions you’re asking leading them to see value in giving them to you?

Truly our ultimate purpose does and needs to define the direction we take. There are far too many times when we stand there scratching our heads, looking in confusion for the sunset … and all the while we are staring East.

Let’s get out there and make today count!