Good morning, amazing lead generators, focused salespeople, and dedicated businesspeople! Another day awaits your participation … at what level are you prepared and committed to playing the game today?

Let’s consider a few things for a minute:

We often don’t follow our schedules because we’re afraid that if we tell someone we can’t meet them at the time they’ve asked for we’ll lose the business.

We don’t follow our scripts because we’re afraid we’ll sound too ‘sales-y’.

We don’t call our past clients as often as we should because we’re afraid they’ll think we’re a nuisance.

We don’t prospect FSBOs and Expireds because we’re afraid we won’t know what to say when they say, ‘x’.

We don’t follow up on our leads as often as we should because we’re afraid we’ll pester them.

We don’t put limits on when we turn off our devices because we’re afraid we’ll miss that ~one bit~ of business that comes in when we were unavailable.

We don’t ask all the questions when we pre-qualify because we’re afraid of the answers.

We don’t knock on doors as a part of our business plan because we’re afraid they’ll yell at us.

We don’t tell people the hard truth on price and commission because we’re afraid we’ll lose the listing.

We don’t hire an assistant because we’re afraid we won’t be able to pay them.

We don’t ask for the appointment, the listing, or the price reduction because we’re afraid they’ll say no.

We don’t prospect harder because we’re afraid we won’t be able to handle the level of business that we get.

It seems almost everyone is afraid of something.

I’ll tell you what I’m afraid of … I’m afraid that too many great salespeople are falling short of their potential because they spend too much time living in fear of the ‘what if’. How much longer will we NOT do what we know we need to do … what is truly in the best interest of our customers … and what is going to grow our business because of fear?

Hard work, telling the truth, consistent effective action, and an uncompromising belief in the fact that you’re the best agent for the job will drive away all fear. The good news is that a LOT of you have overcome some of your fears in a big way so far this year–so congratulations to you!

Now, go out and make today count … trust me, you have NOTHING to be afraid of!