Good morning to all of you inspiring salespeople and businesspeople! Welcome to another day that hold enormous potential and opportunity … the only ingredient that still needs to be added is YOU! Are you prepared to get into the mix and make amazing things happen in your business today? It all starts with you having the attitude and mental focus on being a participant at the highest level so let’s be sure that we show up today with the most powerful mindset possible!

The truth is, one of the challenges that I spend a LOT of time helping my clients with is staying ‘connected’ to their goals throughout the day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of the day … the problems with deals, the demands of clients, the frustration of dealing with other agents, and the fact that there are a hundred things to do and only time enough to do eight of them. While we are so busy focusing on these things, we tend to forget about–or at least take our eyes off of–our goals and the big picture.

I want to share with you an activity that can help make that much more of a reality for those agents who are needing to take their mental strength and focus up a notch. I call it ‘power journaling’ and basically it works on the concept of triggering the subconscious mind to ‘keep the engine running’ when you’re not actively thinking about your goals.

Take 10-15 minutes at night before you go to sleep and hand write your top 3-5 commitments/goals. Underline each of them to help anchor more deeply in your subconscious (if you remember from school, underlining something signaled your brain that this was important and helped ‘etch’ a mental picture). Then take your list and stick it on your bathroom mirror, or wherever the first place is that you look when you wake up in the morning.

Re-read the list as soon as you wake up and carry it with you all day long. Develop the habit of looking at it and reading it several times during the day. At the end of the day, file it away and then do the same thing again that night.

There are dozens of well-known sayings that refer to this concept:

‘You become what you think about most of the time’, ‘What you focus on expands’, ‘What the mind of a person can conceive and believe they can achieve’, and ‘An accomplished success first begins as a written plan’. The point is, commit to doing something that has worked for thousands of people before you.

Give this exercise some thought, begin making it one of YOUR habits starting today, and while you’re at it … make today count!