Good morning to all of you great prospectors, salespeople, and businesspeople! As I do every day, I was thinking about what I wanted to share that would help each of you to have a powerful day in their business. Throughout my years of coaching I’ve often been told by clients that encouragement can be as valuable as information–meaning, just reminding them that they CAN achieve something is as important as showing them HOW to achieve something.

Many years ago Tony Robbins said that in his opinion the number one ‘human need’ is the need for certainty. It’s this burning desire inside each one of us that wants to know … NEEDS to know that what we endeavor to do will bring a particular result, or to have some idea of what lies around the next bend. The reality is, however, that we’re always moving forward and looking back, but so far it’s not possible to look forward OR to move back. So the question becomes, is there really any certainty in this wonderful business called Real Estate? Is there a way to ~have~ more certainty in our businesses and lives?

The way I see it, the biggest key to ‘certainty’ in this industry is consistent lead generation. If you are committed to being consistent, one of the beautiful by-products is that you don’t have to be perfect. The numbers game and the accumulation effect will combine to give you a steady flow of incoming listings and sales … ~if~ you will stay consistent! A certain output REQUIRES consistent input.

So you want to be able to believe more fully and confidently that there will be deals in your pipeline 3, 6, 9 months from now? You want to have a stronger faith that the future holds great things for you and the health of your business? The key is to hang in there … work to maintain a clear link between the rewards you want this year and the work that you have to do every day to find new business. As I’ve said many times, there ARE deals happening all around you in your marketplace—you just have to get in its way on a regular basis! If you want to have more confidence in your future, be sure that you take care of business today.

It’s time … go make today count!