Close. As in, ‘close for the sale’.

One of the definitions of this word is, ‘to enter into or come to an agreement’. When you’re prospecting, following up, or presenting, how can you come to an agreement if you’re not asking the other person questions?

So many agents I roleplay with approach these situations by ‘telling’ the prospect why they should meet with them … or ‘telling’ them why it’s a great time to list … or ‘telling’ the person how much stronger they are than other agents. That’s called trying to convince them.

As great salespeople we need to be having more two-way conversations that start with great questions and end with you asking them for what you want (an appointment, a reduction, a signature, etc.). Let the client sell THEMSELVES on meeting with you or listing with you based on their own answers to the questions you’re asking.

Some examples of this:

‘If you knew FOR SURE that by putting me to work for you that you would have a better chance of getting your home sold, would you at least consider hiring me for the job?’

‘If there were a definite advantage to putting your home back on the market now, as opposed to waiting, would you at least want to know?’

‘May I ask … How do you feel that it will benefit you to hire the ‘local agent’?’

‘As long as you knew that you would walk away with the most amount of money possible in your pocket, is there any OTHER reason you wouldn’t hire me for the job of selling your home?’

Give this some thought and then get out there and make today count!