Good morning, devoted agents and businesspeople! I hope you all realize that today is one of the BEST days this week, even this ~month~ to find new clients, make solid presentations, and get contracts signed … I also hope that you are 100%+ committed to growing into ALL that you are capable of and fulfilling the goals you have for yourself and your family!

Speaking of ‘growing into’ … one of the reasons that growth can be more challenging than we think is because we underestimate the power of our habits and the difficulty of ‘change’. Our lives and our business practices take on momentum and routine, and a lot of the time those routines are not as productive as they could be. As you read this, which habit that you know you have to change comes to mind? What will you begin doing to ‘clear the lot’ and prepare for a foundation of new, productive habits?

And why is change so difficult anyway? Here are a few reasons:

–It’s difficult because accepting reality is not always easy…it’s much easier to hang onto what we would LIKE things to be like; Just like a seller who wants to believe that their home is worth a certain amount and, therefore, is resistant to adjusting their price, many agents don’t like to accept the reality of how many people we have to talk to in order to find the most motivated possible sellers.

–It’s difficult because we become comfortable and complacent too easily; As we’ve talked about before, one of the most common things that gets in the way of big success is a little success. We pull back too soon and never allow the habits of going further to take hold because we are too busy enjoying the small victories OR we use the excuse that we’re too busy with the amount of business that we’ve found to keep looking for more.

–Change is difficult because we continue to allow ourselves to react all day long; How can true change occur if we won’t commit to being pro-active instead of running our business solely in response to what everyone throws at us? Because of our wonderful devices that we all carry we are being bombarded non-stop from the moment we wake up until we finally pry it out of our exhausted hands at night. At some point we have to turn off and step away so that we can break the pattern of reacting and devote a greater portion of our day to purposely going after our goals.

Why have YOU found change to be so tough? What is the most significant change you would like to make this month … this quarter? Think about it, write it down, create a plan to make it happen, then work your plan! The fun begins right now … get out there and make today count!