Good morning to all of you super-talented agents and businesspeople! I am excited to remind you that today is yet another incredible day for making positive things happen in your life and your business … but as always, you MUST be committed to, excited about, and engaged in the process of taking action. What are YOU determined to do to take advantage of the opportunities that abound today?

The other day I was talking with the owner of a very successful company in a different industry and we began looking at the sales portion of his business. One of the challenges that he shared with me was that HE saw what they were doing on a very large, comprehensive scale—and that was to make their customers either more productive, more profitable, or both. Many of his salespeople, on the other hand, saw all of their services and products as stand-alone items instead of powerful ‘tools’ that could be plugged in for the customer where needed to help them achieve their specific, overall goal.

So I’m wondering …. how clearly do you see the ‘big picture’ of your business? When was the last time that you really looked in-depth at all of the various components of what you do to see how they could be helping you to meet the overall goals and vision for your business? If one of your ‘tools’ is script practice and role play, how much more income could this potentially bring to your bottom line if it became more anchored in your routine? How about following your schedule … upgrading your listing presentation … becoming more direct and effective in your conversations with past clients … where do all of THESE fit in with the concept of massive growth for this year?

As you begin to sell yourself on actually doing something different or more effectively in certain areas of your business what you’re really doing is increasing productivity, increasing profitability, and creating more opportunity for yourself, your family, and your clients. So why not stop thinking of it as just ‘prospecting’, ‘lead follow up’, ‘working on your mindset’, or whatever else you’re writing into your schedule. See each, individual activity of your day as a smaller part to a bigger design … a design that represents success, freedom, joy, and the satisfaction of a knowing that you’ve achieved what you’re capable of achieving!

Well, here we go again … time to get out there and make today count!