This week I am beginning a short series on lead follow up … aka ‘the money-maker’ in real estate! 

In case you didn’t realize it yet, spending a ton of time on the front end of your business in terms of prospecting has NO value if you don’t have an organized, focused, and effective way to convert them from an opportunity to a signed contract.  That’s where lead follow up comes in.  It’s all in the amount of effort that you make to hang in there with these people until that magical day comes when they are finally ready to hire an agent to get their home sold, or to help them purchase their next property.

What does YOUR follow up system look like?
How consistently do your leads hear from you?
What methods are you using to reach them?

Remember, leads also have NO value—only qualified appointments, and ultimately signed contracts have real value.

I am going to talk a little bit about your mindset for this area of your business, as well as set the stage for a few of the major concepts that have to be a part of any good follow up system.  Be sure you watch the entire video, take notes, contact me with any questions, and also please remember to SHARE this with as many agents as you can think of … my business depends on referrals just like YOURS does!

Have an awesome week in your business and, as always, make today count!