Good morning, all of you terrific salespeople and businesspeople! I believe that all of you are as dedicated to and excited about your future as I am so let’s make sure that a) you really DO have a clear vision of what you want that future to look like … b) you have a detailed plan for what you’re going to do to make that happen … and c) that you are not allowing adversity, disappointment, frustration, excuses, or any other impediment to become a reason NOT to follow through. Follow through is so often that ingredient that is lacking between a dream and its realization … but not for THIS crowd, right?!

One thing that I, unfortunately, see and hear about over and over again with salespeople is that they fall under the illusion that they are the only ones who know about their leads. Just this past week I spoke with at least 3 different agents who had their sights on a lead only to get surprised by seeing them listed with someone else! Now, the truth is, we know that this will happen from time to time, but many times it can be avoided by simply upgrading our sense of urgency and determination in our follow up. We need to act as though every other successful agent in our marketplace is standing outside the prospect’s door with a listing agreement in hand and a powerful close at the ready. In reality, several of these successful agents ~have~ found out about and ARE in hot pursuit of those very people whose plans you believe are known only to you.

  • Do NOT let more than 3-4 days go by without them at least seeing your name on an email, a text, their caller id, or on a hard copy mail piece!
  • Show up at their door early one evening or on a Saturday morning to make that personal contact put a face with the voice on the phone.
  • Make more than one attempt to reach them on the days that their name comes up on your follow up list.

If I had to choose between ‘losing’ a listing or a sale because the client said that I was just following up TOO often or too aggressively for their taste and losing that opportunity because I was never really in the game, I would take the former all year long. Understand, we’re not ~trying~ to be pushy, obnoxious, or twist someone’s arm into doing something that they don’t want to do. They’re on our list and we’re following up with them for a reason … because they said they wanted to sell, or buy a home!

Let’s do our job at the highest level and out-hustle, out-work, out-play, and out-shine whatever competition is out there. Let’s simply get out there and make today count!