Another terrific morning to all of you diehard lead generators, focused businesspeople, and to all of you ONiT System members! I’m hoping you realize that today is another one of those moments … a moment in time when you have an opportunity to make some decisions about just what you’re committed to accomplishing. We know for a fact that there are many people today who are going to be making the choice to list their home, and many others who are needing to buy a home. All you have to do is make an effort to get in the middle and demonstrate the value you bring in facilitating this transaction.

Let’s just focus on one simple thought today. The only question that really drives our business is the following: ‘Do you or anyone that you know of have a plan to sell, or buy, a home in the near future?’. If you were to commit to just asking that question 50 times a day to people that you know as well as people that you don’t know … and you did that even 200 days out of the year, that would be 10, 000 times. What if 1% said yes? That would be 100 people. What if only half of them actually followed through and worked with you?

In addition to this, you are going to get business that finds YOU because of people you know, name recognition, marketing, etc. Add another 10-20 depending on how big your circle of influence is and you can see that it can add up to a good numbers of paychecks—all from such a ridiculously simple question and approach. Almost too simple.

The hardest part of this whole process would be to get yourself to deal with the repetitious monotony of asking that question 10,000 times. But if your average commission was $5000 and you DID get those 50 people to work with you that would be $250,000 in income. Are you willing to ask some simple questions thousands of times? Are you willing to do the necessary follow up so that you can be there when the people who answered ‘yes’ three to six months ago are finally ready? Are you willing to work on making strong presentations and learning to communicate powerfully so that you can get more signatures of commitment?

This really doesn’t have to be overly complicated—but it DOES require that you get in the game. Today is another one of those moments … get out there and make it count!