An outstanding day to all of you die-hard salespeople and devoted businesspeople! If ever there was a day to get down to business, focus on your goals, talk to a lot of people, and set multiple appointments today IS that day! What is your plan and commitment level to advance your dreams?

Freedom is arguably one of the most precious words that we have in our language. What do you think of when you think about ‘freedom’? The ability to jump in your car and start driving to any location that you want to? The opportunity to work choose your occupation or where you live? There are probably dozens of visions that come to mind for each of us, right?

What I think is interesting is that when it comes to this industry, many agents claim that they made the decision to sell real estate because they wanted the ‘freedom’ to not have to be on a schedule … the flexibility to work as much or as little as they want to … to not have a boss standing over their shoulder and monitoring their every move. Ironically, the truth is that if an agent really wants to be productive they HAVE TO create and follow a schedule, manage their time, and be accountable to THEMSELVES as a businessperson!

When we create a true business and do these few things I just mentioned it actually allows us to find massive success, earn an incredible income, hire staff to handle the things we don’t want to do, and have more control of our time and schedule. The level of TRUE freedom we can have actually goes ~up~ when we hold ourselves to following a productive schedule on a consistent basis!

Time to decide: are we going to run around and just react to and deal with whatever comes up on a given day, or are we going to stay focused, planned, and adhere to a schedule that allows us to shape a future full of freedom? I’m encouraging you to do the latter as you commit to making today count!

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