Good morning and welcome to your day, all of you motivated salespeople and focused businesspeople! As you probably know, there is no better day than today to get focused, talk with as many people as possible, and close powerfully for appointments! But, you have to be willing to get in and STAY in the game if you want a chance to win big!

Some of you may have heard the story of the heart surgeon who went to the Harley dealership to pick up his bike that had been in the repair shop. The mechanic was very proud of the work he’d done on the engine and valves and asked why the doctor got paid at least 10 times more than he did when they both did pretty much the same thing. The doctor smiled and agreed that the mechanic had definitely done a great job, but then he asked him how easy it would have been to do those repairs if the engine had still been running!

Most of the time in life, don’t we get paid in direct proportion to the level of skill that we have? When we perfect a skill that is uncommon, there is almost always a marketplace for that and a group of people who are willing to pay for you to perform that skill—whether it be a medical ability, playing an instrument exceptionally well, an athletic skills, or even technology related. How much is YOUR skill set worth in the open market? How much time do YOU spend perfecting those skills that are necessary to build your business?

It’s amazing when you think about how much time athletes and entertainers invest in themselves in the form of practice, film study, and physical training … and yet if an agent spends a few hours a week working on their scripts, handlers, or presentation we consider that to be amazing and out of the ordinary! No wonder the average production in our industry has remained where it has for decades.

The good news is that I know in my heart you are different. I know that you are committed to being one of those agents who understands and ACTS UPON the proven connection between improving your skills through continuous practice and reaping the rewards that come from it. I know that YOU are committed to making today count.

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