Good morning and best wishes for a great day in your business to all of you rock-star salespeople and businesspeople! It’s time to push … remember, you have BIG goals this year there is still plenty of time to get deals under put together that you can actually get PAID on this year! How many more are you going for and how many more COULD you get if you really went after it 100%?

Speaking of percentages, I was thinking about something recently and wanted to share a couple of thoughts. 95% … 98% … even 99% committed is still not FULLY committed. 99% focused means you’re still UN-focused.

You’ve all heard the analogy of the plane that takes off from NYC heading for LA and is off by 1 degree in its heading … where does it end up? Who knows—maybe San Francisco, maybe San Diego, but NOT in LA!

Is your focus, commitment, intensity, or energy off by a degree/percentage or two? You have a goal to end this year with 30, 50, maybe 100 deals closed, but where are you ACTUALLY going to end up based on your current trajectory? I don’t know of too many Gold Medals that were won by giving 98%, or even 99% effort.

I believe with all of my heart that each one of you is ~capable~ of winning and that you’re ~playing~ to win—not to just win ‘the Bronze’! So, since that is the reality, is it time that you re-evaluate and figure out how to get that extra 1-2% out of yourself today and this week? You and I both know it will be worth it…

Give it some though, make some changes … and then get out there and make today COUNT!