Good morning to each and every one of you talented salespeople, dedicated businesspeople, and committed ONiT System members! If there were ever a day that was more perfect for getting on the phones, talking to lots of people, and finding new clients to do business with I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it. Today IS your day to move forward … are you ready to take advantage of it?

I’ve been talking with a lot of my clients lately on the importance of remembering to handle objections with a question-based approach as opposed to just trying to ‘talk your way’ through it. I know it comes a lot more naturally to us to begin ‘telling’ and giving a long explanation, but selling is not telling it’s asking questions.

So if they say, ‘We want to hold off’ … ask, ‘Okay—I can understand that. I’m just curious … what is the biggest advantage you think you’ll have in waiting to put your home on the market?’

If they say, ‘We are going to list with a friend’ … ask, ‘Interesting—I know that most everyone has a friend in the business. May I ask … if you knew for sure that by working with me you would not only have a better chance of selling your home, but you would ALSO walk away with more money in your pocket, would you at least be open to meeting with me?’

If they say, ‘Will you cut your commission?’ … ask, ‘That’s a great question … it sounds to me like what you want to do is make sure that you actually walk away with the most amount of money in your pocket as possible—is that really what’s most important to you?’

These are very simple examples, but you get the point. Figure out what the best questions are that you can ask a person when you get an objection so that you can get to the thinking that is BEHIND the objection. Once you do that, you will have a much better chance of handling it and getting them to work with you, and on your terms.

As always, if you need more help or have more questions be sure you contact me. In the meantime—let’s get out there and make today count!