An outstanding morning to all of you committed lead generators, energetic businesspeople, and to all of you who a part of the ONiT System! I want to remind you of something that I first heard well over 20 years ago and is still absolutely valid today: the fact is that if someone else is doing what you would like to do … has the results that you would like to have … and is living the life that you would like to live it proves one thing—that it is possible! What is possible for YOU today when you commit at the highest level?

One of the most valuable commodities in today’s real estate market is a highly motivated seller. In reality, they are extremely important in ANY market, but especially in the low-inventory/high demand environment that we have today. Therefore, the skill and ability to make a powerful and compelling listing presentation becomes even more valuable, wouldn’t you agree?

Here are three basic keys to making a better presentation—with the idea being that there are ~many~ that we could choose from. One is strong pre-qualification up front BEFORE you fully commit to the appointment. The main purpose of pre-qualifying is to give yourself the best possible chance of getting the contract signed at the appointment. How many times have you been on an appointment where part-way through you were silently cursing yourself for not asking more questions up front?

The second key is to focus on building what I call ‘yes momentum’ during the course of the presentation. Our approach needs to be question oriented and our goal is to get them to express agreement with the questions that we are asking them as we move forward so that when we get to the ~big~ question at the end (would you sign the contract please?) they will be more likely to follow their ‘yes momentum’!

Finally, our third key is that closing for the signature should be a natural outcome to what has been a strong presentation. Remember—to ‘close’ means to come to an agreement. We have been focusing on getting them to agree with many things during our presentation and asking for their signature shouldn’t be an awkward or unexpected event. Hopefully you’ve pre-qualified and know for sure that they need to sell … and hopefully you’ve done a solid job of demonstrating how you are the best qualified to make that happen. Therefore … it is only natural to ask of the job—and to do it several times if necessary!

Think about your attitude toward listing property and see if there are some of these areas that you want to work on and improve in the coming weeks and months. As always, my goal is to help you succeed at what you’re trying to accomplish—now it’s your time to get out there and make today count!