An excellent day to all of you great lead generators and businesspeople! I trust that you have been working hard to have a strong finish to each and every day this month … and getting prepped for equally powerful weeks and months ahead!

As I have been reflecting on many of the conversations I’ve had with productive agents recently, there is a sequence of four words that begin with the letter ‘L’ that I want to encourage you to think about as you continue building your business and pursuing your goals.


As we Learn what to say and how to have productive conversations with people about their real estate needs we will have the confidence to begin doing the next item. The longer I spend in this business the more I am convinced that the majority of agents avoid proactively reaching out to people because they don’t feel that they know what to say … The solution? LEARN what to say in every selling situation!

Once we’ve begun the Learning process (which never really ends, by the way) we need to engage in Lead generation … the basic job description of every real estate professional. Our job is to identify the people in our marketplace who plan to sell, or buy a home in the near future (the nearer the better). If there are not enough great listings falling into our laps every month, and we’re not actively going out into the marketplace seeking them out, how much inventory are we really going to have? Let’s be honest—would you rather employ the MLS to sell your inventory or run around all day trying to sell everyone else’s?

Identifying who needs to sell their property soon is great … taking saleable Listings at your price and on your terms … this is priceless! We have to learn how to present in a compelling way and sell these property owners on the fact that there simply is NO better choice in the marketplace than YOU to get the job done.

Finally, as your Listing inventory grows and begins to sell on a regular, predictable basis you will be in a position to begin Leveraging your time by hiring staff. You will always earn the highest level of income when you are spending the majority of your time doing ‘high-dollar’ activities. How much time do you currently spend processing new listings, handling files, setting up showings, obtaining and communicating feedback, etc? Obviously, we have to continue to provide great service to our customers—but that DOESN’T always mean it has to be ~you~ who personally delivers it!

Think about these 4 words today and on into the coming months. Figure out which one you need to spend the most amount of time working on and build that into your plan for next week. But don’t wait until then to start working on it … begin today!

This is just one more way that you can actually make today count …

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