An outstanding morning to all of you committed prospectors and dedicated businesspeople! I want you to know that there are ~hundreds~ of opportunities today in YOUR marketplace to list property, sell property, and put transactions together … it’s all about what you’re focusing on and what you’re working toward. Be sure to fix your mind and your efforts on finding the people who need your help and communicating what you have to offer in the most compelling way possible. You’ll never win them all, but you don’t have to. Consistency, NOT perfection is the key to massive results in this business.

Speaking of that, keys do a couple of things for us. They give us access to places … and they can also ‘start’ things. So how many of you would like to have more access to higher production? How many of you would like to ‘start’ on a more direct, upward growth curve in your business? Let’s look at some ‘keys’ to both this process and to what you should be working on every day:

-Better communication is the KEY to more sales; this is, has always been, and will always be a ‘people business’.

-Having stronger rapport is the KEY to better communication; One-way communication will never help us accomplish our goals—we must have open rapport with our potential customers.

-More honed skills are the KEY to developing stronger rapport; Building rapport is a skill just like learning to juggle, making a jump shot, or playing a guitar.

-Focused practice is the KEY to honing those skills to a razor-sharp edge; How much time do you spend learning how to communicate, ask questions, and develop rapport?

-A deeper commitment to our schedule and to improving is the KEY to more focused practice/role playing sessions; Blowing off role playing appointments says something about the value you place on your skill sets.

-Finally, a clearer vision of what you want and what you’re willing to do to have it is the KEY to that increased commitment; What is your ‘Gold Medal’ for this year?

As we can see, an increase in our ‘output’, or production, always starts with how much time we spend on the ‘input’ … how much time we spend looking at what we’re thinking about and really asking ourselves the deeper questions about what is important to us. If we will get specific about what changes we need to see in our lives and our businesses and then DO SOMETHING about moving forward, great things are almost guaranteed to happen.

Where are ~your~ keys today? Are you prepared to get them out, put them into the ignition of your mind, and rev up that incredible engine that you’ve been given?

It’s time … let’s make today count!

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