A very good morning to all of you focused salespeople and energetic businesspeople! I cannot imagine a better day for each one of you to set appointments and get contracts signed … and the reality is that these things are GOING TO happen in your marketplace whether you’re participating or not. Why not participate at the highest level?

In the world of digital memory and storage there is a concept called ‘overwriting’ where new data is stored over top of former data, basically removing it forever. Trust me, I am no expert on these things, but I couldn’t help thinking of how this might relate to some of the challenges that I know agents can have when it comes to the things that they believe.

One example of this is when a client told me that they were uncomfortable contacting their past clients or SOI because they feel like they are ‘begging for business’. Immediately I imagined this as data in their thinking that needed to be re-written so I said, ‘what if you told yourself—and told THEM—that you were calling, in part, to share with them that you had enjoyed a great year in your business and were fortunate to have had the opportunity to help a lot of people with their real estate needs. Let them know that your goal is to have even MORE of those opportunities to help people that they might know and that you hoped they would be okay with you contacting them from time to time to see if they knew of anyone.’

This takes one from a feeling of insecurity and calling from a place of desperation, to calling from a place of success and a desire to contribute to others. Instead of coming across like, ‘you have to help me or I’ll go broke!’ we can convey a confidence and an excitement in our call to them. Remember, when people are considering referring business to someone, they will only do that if they think there’s a benefit to them also—meaning that the person to whom they’ve referred you will come back and thank them. Your clients need to believe that you can, and ARE getting the job done so that you don’t make them look bad … and we can add to that belief by the very level of confidence and excitement we give off when we call them.

People—there is no need to feel like you’re begging. You bring a tremendous value to the table … you care about doing a good job … you are willing to go the extra mile to get the best results for both buyers and sellers … and you have a track record to prove it. Contact those past customers and sphere of influence in a spirit of enthusiasm and with a desire to help and they will respond in kind. Of course, you have to go DO it to prove to yourself that what I’m saying is true.

Here’s to you getting out there and taking action … here’s to you making today count!

(Photo courtesy of jpatrick.com)