A terrific morning to all of you committed salespeople and businesspeople! This is your day … this is your time … this is your life—are you who you want to be? The truth is that we are all a sum total of all the choices and actions we’ve taken up to this point and if for any reason we’re not in the place that we would truly like to be, we can change our trajectory by changing our decisions. And one of the most common stumbling blocks to changing those decisions is the specter called ‘doubt’.

The question has been asked, ‘am I living my life based on question marks or exclamation points?’ Are we paying more attention to our doubts or the things that we emphatically believe in? Do we make decisions based on all of the unknowns … the fears … the ‘what ifs’, or on the exciting realities that we already KNOW are true about how this business works?

Let’s remember several basic things:

-There ARE people who will choose to sell, or buy a home in your marketplace today, this week, and this month!

-You CAN find out about a lot of these people if you will just consistently engage in lead generation activities!

-You will never win all the time, but you also will never LOSE all the time … focus on the wins, not the losses!

-You don’t have to be perfect in the business of real estate, just consistently in the game, and you will make a fortune!

Do you truly believe these things? Remember, you won’t be able to figure everything out up front or have all of the answers to every question and challenge that comes along, but if you simply go back to what you DO know, you will find the inspiration and the strength to keep moving forward. Doubts are NOT a reason to hold back from taking action, they are simply ‘checks’ that keep us humble. There are some amazing things that are waiting for you in this business and in this life … don’t allow yourself to be the victim of too many question marks—operate in the enthusiasm of the exclamation point.

Get out there and make today count!