Good morning to all of you focused lead generators and intense businesspeople! If I know all of you as well as I think I do, I would imagine that you are already thinking about the fact that today is ~definitely~ one of the BEST days this week to find new business, put contracts together, and take bold steps toward achieving your goals this year! Do not let a single opportunity get past you today … this IS your day.

When we really think about it, how certain can we really be about ANYTHING in life? It’s been joked that death and taxes are the only ‘certain’ things that remain … or maybe it’s death FROM taxes! Either way, there are VERY few things we actually have any control over in this business we call real estate. There just aren’t too many things that we can be ‘certain’ of. However, we know FOR SURE that there are going to be people who choose to buy and sell homes in YOUR marketplace every single day. Therefore, you have a chance to earn a commission check every single day.

Nearly 20 years ago a great friend and I were doing a training seminar where we had a panel of agents we were coaching … these were all agents who were doing very well in their businesses and had a lot of great advice that they wanted to share. One of them made the following statement to the audience: “My security in real estate comes from the fact that I prospect every single day that I work.” Because this agent WAS a lead generator, they never had to doubt whether they would have incoming business and cash flow. How much of a difference would it make in YOUR life to have that level of confidence and security?

Based on this thinking, and based on your efforts so far this year, how ‘certain’ are YOU that you are going to hit your goals? How about just for the next 30 days? What can you commit to doing today and this week, as far as prospecting is concerned, that will give you a greater assurance that you are going to achieve all the fantastic things that you’ve said you want to achieve this quarter and this year? Are there certain common, proven traits that have come to simply identify you as an agent who achieves what they set out to achieve?

Give yourself that needed assurance today by going out into your marketplace and simply talking to as many people as you possibly can to find someone who wants to sell, or buy, a property. Do it with energy … do it with passion … do it by asking great questions and asking for that chance to be their agent.

What I’m really trying to say is, make today count!