Good morning, powerful prospectors and big-thinking businesspeople! Another incredible opportunity is coming at you in real time …  What plans, what commitments, what goals, and what dreams are you focusing on accomplishing with the opportunity that is before you?

I find it interesting how often I end up in a conversation with an agent that starts off with, ‘so what else could/should I be doing to find business … to do more deals … to get on more appointments … to make more money in real estate?’ So many agents around us are still in desperate search of the ‘magic pill’ or the one amazing idea or approach that no one has thought of yet. There is a verse of Scripture that says, “there is nothing new under the sun” and man I have come to believe that totally.

As you begin your week I am going to encourage you to remind yourself of, and then commit to taking action ON some very simple truths in this business. Some might call this the ‘success formula’, but I’m telling you right now-if you’re looking for flash, if you’re hoping for ‘OMG, I’ve never heard of that!’, or a massive grand finale of fireworks … sorry, you’re reading the wrong stuff!

How about this: be honest about how many NEW people you’re actually TALKING TO on a daily basis about real estate? There are 300, 500, maybe even 1000 people in your marketplace (depending on how big your market’s population is) who will list their home or buy a property in the next 30 days … guaranteed. How many of the truly motivated, serious ones do you know about?

Next: there are ONLY so many conversations/scripts/questions that make sense to ask someone about whether they, or someone they know, are planning to be one of those people who list their home for sale or buy a property. Learn the questions and DON’T complicate it!

Finally, work EVERY DAY on cultivating and strengthening a mindset of perseverance … of the basic discipline to just keep moving forward in spite of whether it was an amazingly awesome day, or a day when nothing happened at all. EVERY agent who has ever accomplished anything in this business has had, is having, and will continue to have ‘bad’, uneventful, uninspiring days in real estate. It’s simply part of the job. If you get down, discouraged, frustrated, anxious, or mad every time you encounter resistance you have little to no chance of ever growing. You MUST become habitual about talking to people, asking meaningful questions with some level of skill, and being completely fine with the (normal) process of how this business works.

So there … see? Nothing complicated. Nothing sexy. Nothing earth-shattering. But I can promise you one thing … IF you commit to making this ‘formula’ yours you WILL succeed in a massive way. In the words of Zig Ziglar—‘see you at the top!’

Make today count!