Good morning, amazing prospectors and businesspeople! I am excited to wish all of you another incredible day … a day full of promise and the opportunity to succeed as long as you are willing to get in the game and play at a level ‘10’! Is there any good reason why you should sit on the sidelines today?

There is perhaps no dirtier word in the sales world than ‘failure’. And yet the truth is that failure is as much a part of the reality of sales, building any meaningful business, and even of life itself! It is actually vitally necessary that we fail from time to time because it is often the only thing that gets our attention. When was the last time you failed in any sort of significant way? Maybe your flop was that you completely blew off pre-qualifying and then wasted hours prepping for and going on a listing appointment … wishing that the sellers might fall asleep and then you could sneak out quietly? Did you get right to the point of converting an awesome lead into an appointment and then forget to schedule that one last call to confirm … only to drive by the house the next day and see a competitor’s sign in the lawn?

Failing, and being WILLING to fail, are signs of greatness. ‘What in the world do you mean by that, James?’ It means that you’re willing to take a chance … it means that in spite of ~past~ times when you failed you weren’t scared off and you were willing to get BACK in the game. The only time you really lose is when you stop making any attempt to win. Have you given up on some aspect of your business because the last few times you attempted it things didn’t go the way you had hoped?

Listen, if you will start making notes of all the things that you just simply mess up on—breakdown the ‘failure’ and really look at it you can learn SO much that will help you succeed massively in the days and weeks to come. One of the commercials that has most moved me over the years is Michael Jordan’s Nike commercial in which he almost brags about all the times that he had failed to ‘win’. At the very end of the commercial he states, ‘because I have failed over and over, I succeed’.

How much failure are you willing to risk so that you might meet with success at the end of the road? It’s time … go out and make today count.