Good morning, fantastic salespeople and businesspeople! Today is one of the best days this week for you to dig in, get down to business, and find your next transaction(s)! There’s no reason not to give it 100% because your business, your clients, your family, and certainly YOU deserve the best results possible.

This brings up a thought that is sometimes hard for us to swallow, admit, or deal with—and that is the cold hard reality. In other words, do you believe inside that you’re giving that 100% effort when it’s possible that you’re really not? Do you tell your role play partners, your colleagues, those in your mastermind group, or even your coach that you are working a certain number of hours per day, starting at a certain time each morning, speaking to a particular number of people every day, and that you have an amount of hot leads that, when it comes right down to it, just doesn’t line up with reality?

There have been many times over the years when I’ve asked a client to tell me where they BELIEVE that they are as far as their work habits, sticking to their schedule, and the numbers of their business … then actually record what they do very carefully all day long. Sometimes, as they say, the truth hurts. We realize that we’ve just been fooling ourselves and wanting to think that we’re more focused and productive than we really are. But it is ~always~ worth it to find out the truth, because then we can get to work on fixing what needs fixing.

So, Step 1: write down what you think is true about the essentials of your business—when do you typically start your day, how much time do you spend lead generating, how many people do you actually talk with each day, how many strong leads do you have in your pipeline, etc.. Step 2 is to begin recording all of these things and see where you actually are. Step 3 … cry if necessary, then move on! Step 4 is to decide that our actions need to be in complete alignment with our goals and commitments and THEN we’ll be on the path to greatness!

Don’t live in denial any longer—if needed, come to terms with where you are, decide where it is that you TRULY want to go, and then right the ship. You can go as far as you want to go as long as you know the way and are committed to the work. I believe in you. Get out there and make today count!