An amazing day to each and every one of you devoted salespeople and dynamic businesspeople! It’s always a rewarding thing for me to watch someone who truly wants to succeed and grow a powerful business develop their vision, detail their plan, and then begin to walk it out consistently one day at a time. None of us are perfect in our execution, but if we will develop the mindset of remaining faithful to that vision, we ~will~ one day find ourselves arriving on the shores of that place that once seemed so far off.

Believe it or not, one of the most aggressive enemies to our progress in this journey can be our own mind. Several years ago I was talking with a very dynamic agent—regarded by many in their marketplace as being the epitome of achievement—and they made the comment that ‘our mind is not our friend … unless we train it to be’. The truth is that we operate from one of two states of mind at any given moment—we’ll call them ‘the power state’ and ‘the reactive state’.

When we are in this negative state, when we are mentally ‘below the line’ some of the symptoms will be frustration, anger, anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, and discouragement. Let’s be honest … how effective will we be at getting on the phones, talking to people, or setting appointments when we are coming from one or all of those places? Contrast that with the effects of being in that state of powerful mental fitness. We feel unstoppable, confident, joyful, grateful, energetic, and creative … a pretty good laundry list of adjectives for success wouldn’t you say?

As with many challenges we face in life, the first step in dealing with this is that we have to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge the fact that we might actually BE in this reactive, negative state. If we aren’t willing or able to recognize that we’re even there, there is little hope for getting out of it—much like the wayward adventurer who dismisses the quicksand as merely a mud puddle. In my next message I am going to share a simple plan for how to get ourselves from ‘down below the line’ to a triumphant ascension onto the ultimate mental platform. Your assignment for today is to begin to make a note of just how much time you might be spending in a state of unproductive, unhealthy, and unnecessary emotions. Let’s not allow anything … especially ourselves to get in the way of our own success!

Make today count!