A fantastic morning to all of you hardcore lead generators and businesspeople! It’s amazing how much opportunity lies out there each and every day … our job each day is to make a plan, work the plan, and participate at the highest level in our own success! What do YOU have planned to make today count?

As kids I’m sure all of us remember doing ‘connect the dots’ pictures. The page would start off looking like a big mass of small black points and when you were done connecting them you would have an outline/picture of whatever the designer had mapped out (assuming you connected the dots in the correct order!).

When it comes to our goals and the daily activities that are required to achieve them we have to re-learn how to play ‘connect the dots’. You might ask, ‘what are you talking about, James?’ Check this out … say that you’re an agent who closed 40 deals last year and you have a goal to close 60 this year. This means that you’re going to have to sell more listings, right? (remember, the buyer sales will take care of themselves so let’s just focus on the increase in LS).

So, to SELL more listings, you’re going to have to TAKE more listings. To TAKE more listings you’re going to have to go on more appointments (and/or increase the closing percentage by getting better at your LP). To set and go on more appointments you’re going to need to talk to more people and/or get stronger at closing people FOR an appointment. This is going to mean more time spent prospecting and more time practicing to improve your skills … which will require a better use of your time. Using your time better might mean less wasting time during the day ~as well as~ being in the office earlier. Getting IN the office earlier will probably mean you have to get UP earlier … and to get UP earlier in the morning, you will likely have to go to bed earlier the night BEFORE. To get to bed earlier you’re probably going to have to re-evaluate your late night activities and/or give up some things that you’ve gotten in the habit of doing.

Now, when I say ‘connecting the dots’ what I’m talking about is that in this particular example you must learn to see the link between the habits and patterns that you have in the evening and selling 60 homes. You have to learn to associate breaking the habit of staying up too late and developing the habit of going to be earlier with ALL of the benefits and rewards of closing 60 transactions. You need to follow that sequence of cause and effect from the first step all the way through to the end … connecting the dots at each step!

You may not see the ~immediate~ value in changing your routine … and it might seem difficult. Just like as a child you couldn’t see the point in connecting all those little black dots on the paper, but when you were done you were ‘rewarded’ with seeing the big picture.

It’s time we took a look at what the necessary steps are to hitting our goals this year, and then make sure that we start associating those difficult, often mundane activities with the excitement of meeting our ultimate goal! Today is the next ‘dot’ in the pattern … how are you going to make it count?