A terrific morning to all of you awesome prospectors and businesspeople! I hope you’re off to a roaring start this year and are beginning to feel that new habits are developing, while the bad habits of last year are fading quickly in the rear view mirror!

Recently, I have been having conversations with many of the clients that I have the privilege of coaching about what I felt are important things to focus on to have a phenomenal production year. One of those points was the idea of understanding that as salespeople we HAVE to get past the words and begin to ‘deliver performances’.

‘What in the world do you mean by that?’, you might ask. Well, think about the individuals who command the highest compensation … who are they? Entertainers … athletes … and YOU—salespeople/businesspeople.

The people who tend to earn the greatest incomes are the ones who are most able to ‘move’ their intended audience. The athletes who perform those heroic feats and come through most often to win the game get the biggest salaries and signing bonuses. The actors, musicians, etc. who can ‘move’ you from the stage or the big screen are the ones who get your money at the box office and through the purchase of their albums and movies.

The question is … are you ‘moving’ the people you speak to? Are you getting them to give you an appointment, sign the contract, agree to the price adjustment, accept the offer, and stay in the deal? To be a performer, we HAVE TO get past the words—after all they are ~only~ 7% of the communication that we give out. The POWER is in our tonality and body language!

It’s time that we bring our scripts, our objection handlers, our closes, and our presentations to the next level. When was the last time you got a standing ovation at the end of a presentation that you made?

First–make a commitment that you’ll have the words FULLY mastered and internalized in the next 30 days. Then begin practicing relentlessly, recording yourself, and role playing more than you ever have to develop the perfect timing and delivery so that the response you get earns you the Oscar, the Tony, the Academy Award … or how about that next killer listing?

You know what to do next … Let’s make today count!