A terrific morning to all of you super-prospectors and incredibly focused businesspeople!

It’s hard to believe, but another month has begun …which means you have an absolutely FANTASTIC opportunity to set one, two, or more great appointments today and throughout the next several weeks. IF you do your job, that is. And IF you do it with passion, commitment, and energy!

Recently I shared with you that for most agents there seem to be three things that do actually cause them to push harder and make necessary changes in their business. Inspiration, Desperation, Contribution. This last one has always fascinated me.

In a lot of cases we will do more for others than we will for ourselves, which creates some leverage that can cause us to dig deep. Many years ago I learned that as human beings we all have certain ‘core needs’—and one of them is simply the need to feel like we are contributing beyond ourselves. At some point we have to ask ourselves, ‘who wins when I win?’ Is it your family? Is it your clients? Are there other people in your life who stand to benefit when you accomplish more?

I want to encourage you to make some time today to sit down in a quiet place for 10-15 minutes and make a list of ~everyone~ you can think of whose life you can contribute to at a higher level by achieving more in your business. I have several clients who work to hit their goals because they help support their parents or some other loved one and they take great pleasure in being able to do that. Others are excited to give time and/or money to different groups, causes, missions, or charities that are meaningful to them. Who is it for you?

Based on the list you are going to create, pick at least one person, group, etc, that you are going to consciously work to contribute to in the coming month or quarter and then use your natural desire to make a difference as a catalyst to have the best 30-60 days you’ve EVER HAD in your business.

Start today… actually, just go out and make today count!