Good morning once again to all of you devoted salespeople and focused businesspeople! Whenever I have the privilege to come to you with some thoughts or ideas my goal is simple: to encourage you … to try to teach you something … and to help simplify the process of moving forward.

Attitude: This word is so important to our success in life as well as in real estate. It’s been said that it’s your attitude, NOT just your aptitude that determines your altitude. Talented people with a poor mindset rarely go far … and yet many who would otherwise be overlooked have, because of an amazing attitude, reached the top of their field.

How high do you want to go? How much are you looking to produce this year? And how would you rate your ‘Attitude’ over the past 30 days … be honest! What would be one thing you could do TODAY to improve your mental approach to your business?

Decide right NOW what you are going to commit to doing in the next 7 days to upgrade this area of your business and your life. No matter where you are in your growth cycle right now, you are almost always just an attitude away from victory.

Go out and make today count!