A great day to every single one of you powerful salespeople and masterful businesspeople! As you’ve heard me say plenty of times, another day brings more opportunities and more people who will need the services that you have to offer … at the same time there may also be more challenges that you will need to face and overcome, so be sure that you are prepared for both!

Since we’re talking about what you might find ‘more’ of today, let’s make a list of some of the specific things that we could focus on having or doing more of this week. And hey, while we’re at it, why not contrast them with the things that we could do with LESS of?

–More time spent in productivity, less time spent just being ‘in motion’

–More questions asked, less trying to ‘convince’ people into things

–More focused action, less spontaneous RE-action

–More confidence, less fear of a possible negative outcome

–More engaging tonality, less lack of enthusiasm in our voices

–More hours spent doing things we CAN control, less time agonizing over the things we can’t

–More direct contact with people, less of being a ‘secret agent’

–More steadiness, less drama

–More systems, less winging it

–More focus on the rewards of achieving your goals, less focus on all the reasons why you may not hit them

We could go on with this list forever … but then I heard a little voice saying, ‘sometimes less is actually more’. So fine …you get the point!

As you’ve also heard many times before—what we focus on expands. Commit to focusing on all of the positive ways that you can move forward this week by winning these ‘More or Less’ battles.

It starts right now—get out there and make today count!

(Photo courtesy of theultralinx.com)