A very good morning once again to each and every one of you who is fully engaged in and committed to the process of growing your business and reaching toward the targets that you have set for your life. Today is one of those days in the process … I hope that you have a great plan for how you’re going to make it count!

An important reminder today: the WORDS we use only represent about 7% of our communication with another person. 7% … that’s lower than the sales tax rate in my county!!

Is memorizing your scripts and conversations critical? Absolutely … and yet the reality is that once you have the words down you have to learn how to bring them ‘to life’ through your tonality, inflection, pausing in the right place, emphasizing certain words, and, of course, the overall level of enthusiasm that you give off.

Over the years as I’ve taught multiple seminars on selling, script use, and communication, I have shared with these groups that you have to amp up your energy as much as 10 times when you’re talking over the phone versus speaking ‘live’ with someone if you want to create the same impact.

So check it out—here’s a great test … a simple test. If you were to listen to a recording of yourself prospecting do you sound dead or alive? Would YOU engage in a conversation with yourself if you were the prospect? I want to encourage you to focus on ‘performing’ your conversations, NOT just getting through them and see how many more appointments you can set today!

Okay … it’s time. Get out there and make today count!

(Photo courtesy of toothor.com)