A great morning to all of you energetic lead generators, forward-thinking businesspeople, and to all of you ONiT System members! It’s been said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity … I’m going to assume that all of you have been preparing as well as you possibly can and that you are committed to actively looking for opportunities all day long. I bet there’s a whole lot of ‘luck’ waiting for you to fall into today!

Can you imagine a professional sports team not tracking the results, the techniques, and the performances of its members? Can you imagine a corporation not tracking its sales, its expenses, or its profit? The idea of monitoring and tracking activities and outcomes is all throughout the world of performance and business and yet so many real estate agents, who are operating in a world of performance and business all day long, never seem to keep track of any of their activities OR the outcome of them. Why is that?

The most valuable asset that we have in this business is our time—meaning our activities … what we actually DO all day—and our numbers are the easiest way to measure how well we’re doing. So essentially if you’re not willing to be accountable for how you spend your time … if you don’t make it a priority to track things like how many people you talk to, how many appointments you set, and how many contracts you’re getting signed you aren’t on the proven path. Success leaves clues, right? For many years I have told my clients that if they want to have the results that others are having they simply need to be willing to do the things that they are doing.

Prepare yourself today to begin tracking where your times goes and how effective the activities are that you are doing. Keep track of how many people you speak to, what the responses are that you’re getting in return, and what kinds of results you’re getting. When you prepare for success and you seek out opportunity you really don’t need to rely on ‘luck’, you simply get to harvest the fruit of your labors.

It’s time … get out there and make today count!