A terrific morning to all of you fully committed salespeople and purpose-driven businesspeople! I know that you’re excited to take your business and your life to the next level … I know that you’re excited about moving one step closer to reaching the goals you have in front of you … and I know that you realize that today is an opportunity to do all of those things as long as you’re in the game!

If you remember, one of the points I made in my last blog was that pausing is one part of the process of creating an impact when you’re having a conversation. Pausing is nothing more than creating a space for whatever it is that you said and the ~way~ that you said it to have a deeper impact before it is ‘stepped on’ by the next set of words.

Remember guys, we’re not just looking to bludgeon our way into an appointment … our scripts are not steamrollers, they are performances that require enthusiastic delivery, but they also require that when we ask a strong question we allow it to get them thinking.

‘What do you think that the market is telling us about your property …?’

‘How much value would there be in at least getting another opinion so that you can make the best decision possible …?’

‘How often in life do you find that the cheapest option provides the best value …?’ ‘What makes you think that it’s any different when it comes to hiring a professional to represent you in the sale of your home …?’

‘What is the most important thing that you’re looking for in the agent that you plan to hire …?’

‘What else needs to happen before you’ll be ready to put me to work to get your home sold …?’

‘Since you’ve told me you want to sell your home, and that is what I do for a living, is there really any good reason that I couldn’t get to work immediately …?’

There are obviously hundreds of great ‘sales’ questions that we can and should ask in the course of doing our job. The best thing you can often do AFTER asking one of these great questions is ZIP IT! Count to 5 and let the impact of what you just asked them help move things forward.

Again, since I KNOW you want to grow your business, and opportunities for that are all around you, is there really any good reason why you shouldn’t make today count …?

(Photo courtesy of aurorasblog.com)