A great day to all of you motivated salespeople and creative businesspeople! It’s the absolute perfect day for reaching out to new people, following up on your existing leads, and working to get contracts signed! But … only if you’re actually ~in~ the game. Be sure you focus on how you’re going to get in, and STAY in the game today!

Something occurred to me the other day as I was talking with one of my clients. It’s the idea that a person’s motivation level always has a direct effect on their ability and their willingness to hear, believe, and act on the truth. And, of course, the opposite seems to be just as true—the less true motivation a person has to do something, the more eager they are to buy into what they WANT to hear and the stuff and nonsense that seems to be too good to be true. Have you noticed this in your own life as well as in your experience dealing with others?

Let’s take the homeowner who says that they are thinking of selling their home. If they’re just ~thinking~ but don’t really NEED to sell, how excited are they going to be when you tell them where it has to be priced? How much more likely will that person be to go with the discount, flat rate, or commission-cutting broker?

Remember—motivation is king! There is no commodity of greater value in this business than a HIGHLY motivated seller. When you find that, you’ve found someone who will almost always respond to the truth about price, service, and commission.

Once again our job becomes clear: to find the people in our marketplace who NEED to sell (or buy) a property in the next 30 days or sooner. Let’s get to work … let’s make today count!

(Photo courtesy of deliveringhappiness.com)