Another fabulous day to each and every one of you ONiT System members! I am really excited to watch as so many of you are getting on board with the information that I am providing for you and I always welcome questions and feedback so be sure you communicate regularly!

In part one of this blog series we started looking at the idea of visiting our stronger leads in person. I said that we need to keep it simple and just focus on a very basic, 4-step approach to what we’re going to say and still be effective.

So you’ve introduced yourself, reminded them of how they know you, and told them you aren’t there to take up more than just a minute or two of their time. Step 2 is that you remind them of what they told you on the phone:

‘Mr./Mrs. Lead—I just made a note here that when we spoke yesterday/the other day that you were planning to sell because you wanted to ______________, right?

[they confirm] Sounds good—well, I wanted to bring you just a little information about myself as well as the most recent market updates just so you could begin to see what is happening out here. [hand them the information]. Do you have any other questions for me at the moment?’ [yes, or no].

So simple right? The key to success in this business is almost ALWAYS in just learning to do some simple, basic things really well and VERY consistently. I’m sure all of you know this, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t break it down like this and remind you on a regular basis. Step 3 to come next time … in the meantime, figure out how you can start getting your leads organized and ready to start getting face to face with.

We are going to help you become so powerful at lead follow up and converting them into appointments—let’s get out there and make today count!