A great day to all of you ONiT System members. I know all of you are continuing to work on becoming stronger salespeople and more focused businesspeople … and my goal is to assist in that every single week. We both have a part to play so let’s commit to doing what you have to do to succeed at the highest possible level today!

One of the topics I spend a lot of time talking about with the agents that I coach is lead follow up. Remember, 80% of the actual appointments that you will ultimately go on will come after at least one (usually ~several~) follow up contacts. If it’s an option that makes sense to do, one of the best ways you can stay in contact with your stronger leads is to go see them in person within a day or two of your first contact. Besides being an effective way to communicate, this is something that virtually no one else is ~willing to do~!

Sounds good, but what do I say, James?

In today’s blog I’m going to touch on the first of 4 simple steps for these face to face follow up contacts. Step 1 is simply to reintroduce yourself. ‘Hi, (lead’s name) … I’m James from XYZ Realty … we spoke yesterday for a few minutes and I was in the area today and just wanted to stop by and follow up with you in person. I promise I won’t take up more than a minute of your time.’ We always make a stronger impression in person because they can see that we are professionally dressed, we conduct ourselves professionally, and the fact that we can smile and use positive body language will help to anchor us in their mind as someone that they would be comfortable doing business with.

Don’t complicate the process, guys. We’re going to go through the other 3 steps in the coming days, but this really IS a powerful way that top agents are separating themselves from anyone else who might be in contact with these people–and you can do it too! So start to get your mind wrapped around the concept of going to see your hotter leads in person and look for step 2 of the process next time.

In the meantime, get out there and make today count!