Good morning, productive prospectors, motivated businesspeople, and to all of you ONiT System members! There has never been a day with more potential for great conversations, solid appointments to be set, and salable listings to be taken … do you believe this? Remember, all accomplishment must first start with the belief that it is possible and if you think you can, or you think you ~can’t~ … either way you’re right.

How do we build a stronger belief system? Recently I reminded a number of agents I was speaking to that when they see or hear about someone who is doing what they want to do it should at least confirm one thing to them—that their goals are possible. There is very little that strengthens our belief more than this so who do you know that is already doing what you’d like to be doing? Can you do what they’re doing?

Also, our belief system and our confidence is also built up when we develop a solid work ethic—you know, roll up the sleeves, stop making excuses, and just do what you know you have to do. In his book, Success Is A Choice, basketball coach Rick Pitino makes a great case for the link between self-confidence and our work ethic. How many days this week have you done the things that you were supposed to do to succeed in this business? Once you know that you have done the work you can have a ~much~ stronger belief that the results are just around the corner.

So here’s the deal … business is going to happen all around each of us today whether we participate or not. Move forward with a strong intention, a commitment to work hard, and the expectation that you will see the same success that all of the others who are doing what you are doing are having. I’m going to suggest that the best way to help increase your belief that positive things will happen for you is to simply get out there and make today count!