Good morning to all of you masterful salespeople and goal-oriented businesspeople! Welcome to today … welcome to the next step in your journey. I suppose the two relevant questions might be, do you know where you wanted to go when you set off on your journey and do you know if you’re heading in the right direction? Don’t ever stop looking at the map, OR at the pot of gold that lies at the end of the road.

Timing is everything. Being there in the right place, at the right time is 1 part sixth sense, 1 part systems, and 1 part diligence. Now, if we’re being honest, you and I both know that there will be many, many times in this business when we’ll find that we’ve missed the bus … that the ship has sailed … that we slept through our alarm.

But faint not! Persevere and continue putting yourself in the path of people that you know have said that they plan to sign a listing contract or purchase offer (these would be your ‘hot leads’). Also be sure that you are constantly putting yourself in the path of those unplanned successes—these would be those people in your database or ‘people farm’ that you just never know for sure when they are going to need to move or ~know someone~ who is that they recommend you to.

In addition to just good, old-fashioned lead follow up, this requires branding. Branding is all about creating associations and patterns. If I say, ‘swoosh’, you think …? Nike. If I say, ‘golden arches’, you think …? McDonalds. If I say, ’15 minutes could save you …’, you think …? Geico. What happens if someone says ‘real estate’ to one of your past clients or a person in your database? How deep does the association between you and real estate resource run in the minds of the people in your community?

The reality is that neither Nike, McDonalds, nor Geico ever knows WHEN you’re going to need or want their products, but they’re going to make sure you NEVER forget they’re there. This is part of what allows for the right timing. What could you focus on during the next several months that would create stronger associations, a higher level of awareness, and a more recognizable brand for your business?

If timing really is everything when it comes to taking more listings, getting more successful sales, and closing more deals, shouldn’t you be doing all you can to make sure you’re there when the alarm goes off? Here’s to you being there at the right time with the right people—here’s to you making today count!

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