Another outstanding morning to all of you devoted businesspeople and salespeople! There are very few moments that are better for digging in and taking effective action than right now … that being said, how would you rate your level of commitment to doing something highly productive before the day is over? What will you use to keep yourself focused on this throughout the day and what will your measuring stick be to evaluate yourself?

One of the points that I’ve made with many of my clients this week is that they should create a ‘focus board’ for their office that lists 3-5 areas of their business that they are most committed to improving in the coming year. After each point I asked them to write a direct ‘reminder question’ that would not only prompt them to do something specific in that area, but also make them be honest about whether they HAVE BEEN taking the needed steps to upgrade that area.

Here are just a few examples:

Delegate more tasks and gain more leverage on my time: What have I spent time on today that could have and should have been done by someone else? What did this cost me?

Be more aware of personality styles: What have I done today to be better able to identify with the people who I am meeting with and presenting to? How am I training myself to adjust my approach based on their personality profile?

Track both my time and my numbers more consistently: How often did I get off of my planned schedule today and why did I choose to do that? Based on my numbers and sales ratios, will I hit my goals if I don’t make any changes?

The areas and reminder questions will be different for every agent based on where they are and where they’re trying to go over the coming year. The real question is, do you know what the relevant points are for YOUR business? How important is it to you that you do everything possible to reach your production and financial goals? Is there any reason you couldn’t make some specific changes as of today?

How about you just start with the commitment to make today count?

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