An outstanding morning to all of you devoted businesspeople and awesome salespeople! Opportunity continues to stare us in the face each and every day, and my hope is that you are finding new ways to connect your desire to succeed with those open doors before you.

One of the most rewarding exercises we can do in our business is what we might call ‘advance scheduling’. Like most things that I encourage agents to do, it’s very simple. The first step is to make a list of the activities that you are committed to getting done that need to be scheduled. Some examples might be:

–Taking clients to lunch/coffee

–Door knocking

–Visiting your past clients, COI, or hot leads

–Pulling and reviewing market stats

–Shooting marketing or testimonial videos

–Client Appreciations Events

Obviously, there are many others that can and probably should go into the schedule as well, but let’s look at step two. Simply get out your calendar out and actually begin plugging in the events like any other appointment. You might commit one or two Saturdays a month to hitting doors, the third Friday afternoon of every month to study the market trends, and two Tuesday mornings each month to grab coffee with key advocates of yours. What if you did this for the next quarter … how about for the entire upcoming year? How good would it feel to know that you already had times booked for those things that you KNOW will make you money and grow your business?

But check it out: Don’t expect these things to just ‘happen’ … life is too busy for that. Listing appointments, showing appointments, and other important events related to putting deals together don’t just ‘happen’—they are agreed upon and locked into your schedule with the full intention of you showing up, right? No difference. These activities must ~also~ benefit from our advance scheduling.

Let’s make some time to do this as soon as possible … and in the meantime, be sure you’re making today count!

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