An outstanding morning to all of you focused salespeople and committed businesspeople! I have to believe that each of you is 100% committed to following your plan, staying focused on your goals, and doing all that it takes to build the life that you’ve dreamed of. Today is your day!

One of the most precious commodities in this business, and in life, is the cold hard truth. It’s often the thing that we most need to hear and accept, yet it’s the last thing we want to hear or accept! Today I’m just going to share three simple truths about what it’s going to take if you want to build a long-term, profitable real estate business … whether you want to hear them or not!

One: You ARE going to have to prospect. Call it what you want—lead generation, opportunity time, phoning …whatever. Your job in this business is to find the people in your marketplace who want to sell, or buy, a home in the near future. How many MOTIVATED, QUALIFIED, READY TO GO RIGHT NOW people are coming to find you every single day? If you want to have consistent cash flow, it’s required that you have consistent input of new leads and appointments.

Two: You are a salesperson. Look, call yourself a consultant, a trusted advisor … whatever. At least a ~part~ of your job requires that you get a commitment … that you get an agreement to sign a document of some kind. That document allows you to have the authorization to sell their home, or that says they agree to buy a home and you’ll be compensated for being a part of the transaction. You can’t get an agreement without ‘closing’ … because ‘to close’ MEANS to come to an agreement. You can’t close without asking questions. What do we call the process of asking questions to find out someone’s needs, and then asking if they will allow you to help meet that need? It’s called selling.

Three: The overwhelming majority of people that you speak with will never do business with you. The fact is that only about 1-2% of people are ready to sell their homes at any given time—look at the number of households in your marketplace and then look at the number of active homes for sale to see what I mean. So, can you accept the fact that you are going to have to speak with a LOT of people before you find someone who is ‘thinking’ of selling? How about accepting that only some of these people will ultimately give you an appointment, let alone a signed agreement? Like it or not, this is the truth.

Now for the good news … sellers are selling every single day and buyers are buying every single day. Business is happening and will continue to happen with or without you. Opportunity abounds … and that ALSO is the truth!

Make today count …

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