An outstanding morning to all of you hard-working salespeople and businesspeople! As you begin your day, think about the amount of opportunity that awaits you … consider the number of people who will be choosing an agent to represent them in YOUR marketplace today. How strong is your level of desire to be that agent for as many of them as possible?

Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth. The Greek mathematician and philosopher, Archimedes, is quoted as saying this while he was demonstrating the concept of the lever … which got me thinking about the importance for each of us in having ‘emotional leverage’ on our day. Some people refer to it as their ‘why’, others their ‘driving force’, or their ‘purpose’.

The point is, to move ourselves past the challenges, the disappointments, and the issues that can bog us down emotionally each and every day, we too must have something that we can use to gain leverage. What is it that point of strength for you? Have there been times this year, as you were on the road to success, when you were slowed down by things falling across your path? Go back to your purpose—that reason WHY you must find a way to move forward and achieve the end that you are going after!

90% of our success—in this business AND in life—comes down to our mindset and ability to deal with adversity. We might change Archimedes’ quote to read, ‘give me a strong enough desire and a plan to follow and I will dominate my marketplace’.

Here’s to your success today … get out there and make it count!

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