Good morning to all of you hard-working businesspeople and committed salespeople! Considering today is another opportunity for you to grow, help people who need your services, and move closer to the goals that you have for yourself and your family … what is your plan to make the most of your day?

For as long as there has been a modern real estate sales industry, one of the hardest parts for agents do deal with is rejection. Maybe I should refer to it as, ‘rejection’? Why the quotes you might ask? Well, when a perfect stranger simply tells us that they are not interested in or don’t have a use at the moment for the service we offer, is that ~really~ rejection? Have they rejected us personally and outright, or is it that they just don’t need to sell or buy a home right now? Of course, when we hear this from the really obnoxious people who are out there it can be a little tougher right?

Hundreds of times we have been told, “Don’t be attached to the outcome!” So how do we actually DO that? Probably one of the easiest ways to not be so distraught when we are told no is to remember that this is exactly what is SUPPOSED to happen from time to time.

Imagine if one of your children came home from school and announced that their favorite teacher was quitting their job because three or four students failed the last test. They just couldn’t handle the fact that they had ‘failed’ to properly teach and prepare these kids for the exam and felt they just weren’t able to cut it as an instructor. We’d think that was a bit foolish wouldn’t we? Why is that? Because of something known as the Bell Curve.

Remember back to your ~own~ days in school learning about the normal distribution of outcomes? One of the ways educators know if a test is fair is when they see that a few students failed, a few students got As, and the vast majority of the grades fell from As to Ds. This is what is SUPPOSED TO happen!

So when we’re making calls to a large group of people, we’re going to find some very nice people, some absolutely rude people, and most of them will fall right in the middle and not be overly excited to talk with you, but not completely difficult either. It’s just what happens.

I hope that this encourages you once again to get out there and make today count!

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