Good morning, excellent salespeople and dedicated businesspeople! Welcome to today … YOUR day. Indeed, it’s not only your day … it’s your business and your life. Why not commit to give it all you have today and don’t look back?

There are times and seasons when the level of distraction seems to be dramatically higher than others. In light of that, I wanted to encourage you to do something radical … something you may never have heard before: follow your schedule.

Okay, so I know it’s definitely not the freshest, latest, or most cutting-edge idea to ever hit social media—in fact the only thing this idea has going for it is that it is critical if you want to really hit it big in your business. So even though you’ve probably heard this same reminder 1000 times (and that’s just last month), let’s honestly stop and think about a few compelling reasons why all of us might like to make this an even higher priority:

1) Staying on schedule will increase your efficiency; Pure and simple, your time is your most valuable asset so why treat it like a second-class citizen when it can make you the king or queen of your market if you use it wisely?

2) If you’re not following ~your~ schedule, aren’t you essentially following someone else’s? It’s time to take back ownership of your own business and not continue to give away time and control to everyone else around you.

3) There is a great mental and emotional ‘boost’ that we get when we look back and realize we’ve stayed on schedule. What is that satisfaction and encouragement worth to you?

4) When you stay on schedule, you’re almost guaranteed to get where you say you want to go with your production and income goals. Since we have so little control of most other things in this business, why not work even harder to control the things we CAN?

5) Time = Money. Enough said.

6) When you follow your schedule on a regular basis, you generally hit your lead generation/appointment goals. When you have enough appointments and plenty of strong leads what you really have are options … choices. Choices and options create a freedom and the ability to have higher standards. This means you don’t have to compromise and react out of a fear of loss every time a person demands that you jump. By doing this you are able to stay on schedule—and when you stay on your schedule on a regular basis you generally hit your lead generation/appointment goals … Do you see where this is going?

As a community of like-minded agents, we could probably list dozens of compelling reasons to follow our schedules. More importantly for you, what do YOU, YOUR FAMILY, and YOUR CLIENTS stand to gain from you following the game plan that you’ve prepared for your day and week? As I said at the beginning of this blog—it’s your life, your business, and today is your day. Let’s make it count!

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